I Am The Man - dark erotica novel by Adrian Sahr

Love. Divorce. Promiscuity. Cynicism. And lots of strange sex.

The story of a Romanian guy sick of love who desires nothing more than sex after a messy divorce. But he looks after significant physical relationships as he takes sex to a darker lever in his search for inner peace.

Misogynistic, sarcastic and always looking for trouble, our hero gives an honest insight in the mind of a man, with all his dark thoughts and fears:

"Women can't love; they only take prisoners in their emotional cage."

"Men have no soul because women have no shame."

"Women cheat just to learn what else they can accuse their men of."

"Women have no mystery at all, only patience; and that's impossible for men to understand."

"Women want to be independent in order to decide who's going to support them."

"At some point all affairs feel like a marriage."

The story is slightly based on the author's personal divorce related experiences.

WARNING: This book contains disturbing situations, dubious consent, strong language and graphic violence.


Adrian Sahr is 33 years old. He majored in Anthropology and Philosophy, and has background in film, stand-up comedy and TV writing.
He has divorced twice. So far.

Read more about his book at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00A6X9C0A

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