The Pack - a novel by C. W. Schultz

A story of book smarts vs. street smarts.
If you ever wanted to see a wannabe tough guy be put to the test, The Pack might be just the novel for you.
Despite losing his parents in a car accident, Sigmund "Siggy" Farris has no appreciation for the fragility of life.  His twin brother Authur "Artie" chooses to take advantage of opportunities in life despite the tragic setback, but Siggy has different plans.  Maybe this is due to Siggy's feeling of abandonment, or maybe this is simply just a story about the evil twin.
Siggy forms a group with five buddies of his called The Pack.  The group of friends eventually find themselves prying certain boundaries, ultimately turning The Pack into a business of event planning, bookmaking and even… murder.
Turning against their conscience and word ends up being an easy task for Siggy and The Pack.  However, it is when the six begin turning on each other that the real test begins… And Siggy will finally learn what it is like to truly be abandoned.
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