LadyDeath,Or,The Major's Lust-m/m romance with horror elements by Ah-Layva

Title: Lady Death, Or, The Major's Lust
Genre: Historical gay fiction, male/male romance, with a horror twist
Format: Kindle
Published: October 17, 2012
Historical male/male Romance set in the Age of Sail (1795 era) with Dark Fiction/Horror elements, anguished lust, and one of His Majesty's redcoat officers unraveling at the seams. Written by a fan of the Patrick O'Brien and Horatio Hornblower novels.

A tale of one redcoat army officer, Major Philip Charrington, young, titled, nobly-born, who entertains an all-consuming attraction for two bluecoat lieutenants of His Majesty's Naval Forces - Addison Spence and Francis Quinn, both as attached to one another as to their naval careers - while receiving transport on the frigate Relentless as they return from joint action off the coast of France.

After the stress of battle, the young major fears he is losing his reason as he is battered by three forces he does not understand: nightmares of his dead soldiers, a feeling of attraction to another man (a desire that is quite new to him), and the appearance of a spectral vision in the sky of Lady Death, the sailor's curse, the siren of the sea, who torments him with forebodings of death, taunting him to leap overboard to his perdition.

As his mind unravels and he barely keeps himself together, Philip reaches out to the one man who can keep him on a steady course during their voyage home - Third Lieutenant Addison Spence. Even as his wife back on the home front gives in to magick which threatens to cause irreparable damage to both their lives.

This 37,000 word novella (299 KB) features two explicit and extensive male/male sex scenes, including a m/m/m coupling. The reader can be assured that the m/m sex scenes are rendered with respect for the characters involved, and that a reader who enjoys m/m slash fiction will be satisfied with the conclusion of the tale. Note: there are NO male/female sex scenes in this story.