OUR Subtle Spirituality:Sustaining a Free Mind Power and Prosperity, a religous book by Lovemore Mukwakwami

Our Subtle Spirituality
Our Subtle Spirituality is a story of a journey. A life full of  spasmodic energy, zest, tragedy and religious deception. Surely when one looks at the religious landscape all humans even if they are atheists, Darwinist, pragmatic coreligionists of whatever persuasion are bedeviled by a subtlety that hides deep and shallow. It has to do with what gave birth to this western dominated civilization... Religious belief catalyzed the birth of this modern world.....Simple put it has to do with the shocking truism or a  farrago of phantasmagorical fandango dance with facts  on the death  of a 33 year old man. First the man's name was coined almost 500 years ago? Because the language the man spoke did not have the letters making up his modern name. This figure is said to have lived almost 2012 years ago,  plus  or minus 33 years!!!!! On one more note he this figure we speak of is said to have no beginning or end. Billions accept that he died a horrendous death and rose up again with wounds to show! So this belief creates a aura of energy. The billions who profess such a mentality creates or rather generates an energy  field that magnetizes the majority.
The Subtlety.
The subtlety comes in this way. Christian mentality is real and here for good.. It is a very powerful adaptive force, creating a web in which our
consciousness is now be spinning, round and round in endless thought  and actual life cycles. When honestly examined, it emerges as a subtle power indeed. Today it dominates the world. It is almost the global heartbeat, throbbing as a certainty in many lives. No one is free from its subtle awesome power.
It is indispensable to put on record that whilst the majority within Christendom, and other book-based faiths, could be genuine and  earnest yet they are led by
the invisible tricky tiny, tiny few. Even all who oppose Christianity violently or otherwise are baptized in its energies. Our modern era or civilization emerged out
of Christianity. Hence, all global institutions radiate a Christian vibration.Our perception of reality could be bound within this global mentality. What about other religious and spiritual mentalities, have they too failed to perforate this cloak cast over the globe? Yes once you know this  your definite step is to cope and control it ... Our Subtle spirituality will show you how!

There is (i)a connection between You and the Source/Quantum Source;
(ii) There are credible steps consisting  inherent potential in our blood. This was passed into us through our biological ancestral line. The third step
is, How to use  that potential against this veil of subtlety cast over this earth.

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