Mason's Daughter - women's fiction by Cynthia J Stone

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Daddy's grown up little girl isn't speaking to him. But she needs answers. Desperately. 

How can Sally Mason get it so wrong? She believes proving her husband's death wasn't suicide will help her son Colton get through his grief, but she didn't realize her own family history would get in the way. Not to mention her best friend, her father-in-law, and just about everybody else in Mason's Crossing. Sally is determined, stubborn, and clueless to the point you want to shake her, then give her a hug. If she's not careful, the next love-of-her-life will give up on her. Laugh and weep with her as she struggles to connect the dots and find the truth. And then there's the father she didn't realize was secretly helping her after Jack died. Which means Sally has to connect more than dots.

Thank you,
Cynthia J Stone

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