Age of the Aura, Phase I: Champions of Power - a science fiction novel by Samuel Odunsi Jr

Free Promotion Day: 11/24/12

Age of the Aura was written by Samuel Odunsi Jr, an American-born child of Nigerian immigrants with a liking for movies, literature, television, martial arts, and music. For the longest time Samuel has wanted to tell a science fiction story on a grand scale with an original premise that was not too out of the loop. Age of the Aura was the result of his aspirations. The story takes place in an original universe that he began creating as early as 12 years old, with characters, worlds, and happenings incorporated into the story at large. Phase I of the series properly introduces the reader into the universe of Age of the Aura while also giving a taste of what is to come in the series. For those that do take a chance on the story, Samuel assures them an original tale that will genuinely bring wonder.

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