Stone of Destiny: Thriller/Action & Adventure, by Thor Stonewell

In some way everyone's playing a game, pulling the wool over someone else's eyes, running numbers. However you want to describe it one thing is for sure, this world is full of fraud and lies and most people lying are just waiting 'till they get caught, at least in some way or another. They expect it, eventually.
Even the Queen of England.
She's been expecting to be caught in her fraud since she was crowned in 1952. Now, 60 years later the truth is finally starting to come out, and it may be 60 years too late.
Stone of Destiny is an archeocryptological thriller by Thor Stonewell. It follows an ancient artifact through history, from the distant and ancient biblical past, to the blurry dark ages, to the bopping England of the 1950's to the chaotic world of today. Buried treasure, romance, history, action, revenge, torture and forgiveness all weave in and out of the plot, gradually leading up to a hero's journey, to redemption.
Stone of Destiny is the sort of book that will leave you wondering just how much of the history it shares is actually true...
Would you be surprised to hear the answer is...
All of it.
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