But the Children Survived - a young adult science fiction novel by A.L. Jambor

But the Children Survived will be free on Amazon from December 1 through December 5, 2012.
When a biological weapon is accidentally released in a small New Mexico town, it quickly spreads across the country, killing every man, woman and child.  But in a mobile home park in Florida, a young girl and an aging terrier dog are still alive, and their immunity becomes the focus of a group of adults who were saved from the weapon's poisons because they were in an underground biosphere, safe from the airborne toxins.  The girl, Mindy, has been surviving on canned soup and she misses her parents terribly.  Her parents had left her in the care of her Grammy, an elderly woman who went to the supermarket for hurricane supplies and never returned.  When men in hazmat suits arrive at her house looking for her, a fearful Mindy hides with Baby Girl, hoping they won't find her.  She's afraid if she leaves the home, her parents won't know where to find her, but she then hears the men talking about returning the next day, so Mindy decides she has to leave the mobile home park and head for her home in St. Petersburg – 16 miles away. 
As the story unfolds, we meet a young scientist named Antonia Russo, an idealistic young man who is determined to develop a cure for the type of miscarriage that killed his mother.  We also meet George Ranier, whose search for the perfect weapon leads to disillusionment and frustration.  Both men have been led to a small village in Brazil hoping to find the answer to their dreams – one for life and one for death, and each working for a giant pharmaceutical company with a vested interest in keeping their discoveries a secret. 
For Mindy, the search for her parents is hindered by her capture when the men in hazmat suits find her and take her to the biosphere, but she doesn't give up.  A friend she makes in the biosphere, a boy named Mark, becomes a uneasy ally in her quest for freedom.  Why did Mindy and Baby Girl survive?  Why are the kids in the biosphere all the same age?  And what part did the pharmaceutical company play in the release of the biological weapon?
But the Children Survived is the first book by independent author A.L. Jambor.   A.L. Jambor lives in Florida and is a writes full-time.
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