Terms of Desire-Tempt Me Twice Part 1- An erotica story by Lauren Hawkeye

Interview with Lauren Hawkeye, author of Terms of Desire, which will be available for free Nov 27-30 on Amazon!

Have you always
known that you would be a writer?

I still don't know what, exactly, made me pick up my pen for the first time. Looking back
now, though, I think the only one who was surprised was me! As a child, I was
always that weird kid with her nose stuck in a book while everyone else was on
the monkey bars. And I always made up stories in my head about the characters
in the books that I was reading—The Bobbsey Twins, Anne of Green Gables, Little
House on the Prairie, and a little later, Little Women and Pride and Prejudice.

Some of the love scenes in your books are scorching.
Is this typical of all of your books?

My books are always hot. Right now I write erotica in both contemporary and historical
settings, and the scenes in those books are extra incendiary. My paranormals are
slightly less hot, but still steamy!

What does your
mother think about the genre that you write?

She's very proudof me. That said, we have an agreement—never, ever will
she read one of my books!

Some of your
stories have a HFN instead of a HEA. Why is this?

Sometimes when a story reaches its natural conclusion, I just don't feel like it's the time or
the place for a proposal or a wedding. That's not how life works. That said, I
do try to give the reader some sense of conclusion.

What do you need to have when you sit down at your computer?

Coffee is first and foremost—thought I'm trying to cut down on the caffeine, which means
learning to like herbal tea as well. I like to have a candle burning, I'm not
sure why. Then I need my computer glasses, my hand cream, eye drops, my
Blistex… boy, I'm needy! But without these things I find it hard to focus.

So your books must be based off of your real life, right?

(Shakes head). I get asked this a lot. When I started writing about BDSM, I decided that,
out of respect for my amazing husband (and for my kids who just don't need to know),
our sex life just isn't going to be a topic of conversation. Ever.
That said… I do have a very vivid imagination.

Like most authors, you are an avid reader. Who are your favorite authors?

For erotica, I love Sara Fawkes, Cherise Sinclair, Beth Kery, Suzanne Rock, Megan Hart and Maya Banks. For paranormal,
I buy a lot of Gena Showlater and Nalini Singh. Love Juliana Stone. I love a good paranormal YA as well– I am waiting anxiously
for the next book from P.T. Michelle.
And I actually am just getting into reading historicals– Maya Rodale is amazing.

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