The Rise of Planet Rubicon - Part One - a sci-fi adventure by Dasrim Hasik

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Story : The story is about Jack, a teenager who lives in a dysfunctional Missouri family. Jack loves chemistry and astronomy. His is fascinated looking at photos of planets, stars and galaxies. He wants to major in Aerospace Engineering and even work for NASA in some capacity. Yet, the environment he lives in is not encouraging at all.

His parents constantly fight. A father who gets out of control after a few drinks, a mother who just feels obligated to deal with her son, and a sister who, when not being cruel, just tolerates him, describe the place Jack is growing. While he has good grades at school, his family situation attracts jokes, stares, and feelings of pity from his peers.

Often, he gets bullied. Feeling that he is neither accepted nor loved, he often visits his imaginary world--planet Rubicon--a place where things are as he would like them to be. In this world people focus on their passions, never get bullied or laughed upon, and everyone's opinion is valued.

This imaginary world has the potential to manifest itself into Jack's life. Whether this world becomes a reality or not depends on Jack's:

* Absolute clarity of purpose.

* Belief in the attainment of his desire.

* Decision to take the necessary action.

Planet Rubicon and its city "Reversia" is a place where each of us builds a world of dreams and desires. Manifesting this world is not an easy task. Yet, it's attainable. Using the author words: Reversia is a city that needs plenty of work." Everyone's dream place needs a lot of work. It is the type of work that takes place in your mind.

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