The Diamond Seekers - a crime suspense novel by David Coles & Jack Everett

Many years ago I was shown a stone as big as an egg with that many cracks I assumed it to be quartz; it was a diamond scheduled to be crushed and turned into stones with which to cut more diamonds. I asked how much it would have been worth had it been perfect and after much arm waving and various blowing and queer noises was told millions. This was probably the germ for what follows.

Below is just one review of The Diamond Seekers:

Philip Madden, only five short years ago, was thin, dark hair, pleasant smile, laid-back, and charming. Now: serious, dull, intense, no color whatsoever. He even has the gray streaks he tries desperately to ignore. His life has been anything but calm and serene for quite a while. Beginning with a deadly car crash.

One day, Madden receives a call from a man identifying himself as Carl Fletcher and claiming to be his son. But how is it possible? The two men make plans to meet, however Carl never shows. Not really buying Fletcher’s claim, curiosity gets the better of Madden, and he calls a former associate of his, Brian Marley, who still works for the same Security Service Madden once worked for.

After his search, Marley gets a call from Deputy Director Hamler to come into his office where another S.S. man, John Jenkins joins them. Offering nothing on Fletcher, Hamler does comment on ‘The Prince,’ a case Madden had been working on five years ago when he was involved in ‘that car accident.’ Alberto Lorente, a.k.a. the Prince may be sick, but he still rules his entire “family” without hesitation.
Marley’s instructed to watch over Madden and was shot at as soon as he got to Madden’s door. Nice greeting, huh? Both men are unscathed physically and hunker down for the night. The following morning, through a case of mistaken identity, Marley is shot—so much for being a body guard of sorts—leaving Madden to run for his life to a friend of his named Rudi in Austria. Now the fun really begins.

What’s the real deal behind the shooting? Who is the Prince and is he involved with Phillip’s troubles? What does Deputy Director Hamler know, if anything? Is Carl real and if so, where is he? Who can really be trusted? The questions mount and the mystery deepens with every page and I loved every word! This is my first Everett/Coles tale, but I dare say…not my last. Their writing is exquisite and fascinating. If you need a good book to curl up with, read “The Diamond Seekers.” You won’t regret a second!

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