The Killing Ploy--a spy novel by Steve Haberman

--Pablo de Silva is an agent in a CIA unit, whose work includes
surveillance and killing. On a Berlin mission he fails to save a fellow
agent, who's also his lover.
Despondent, held now in low regard by his colleagues, he gets
transferred to recuperate till his former mentor/head of that unit
calls him home with a new assignment. Liaise with the San Diego FBI and
see why two Defense Department contractors, headquartered in that
California city, were murdered in Europe. Are terrorists behind it? If
so, inform the unit's head, and he'll take over.
To de Silva, the task seems simple. Off he goes to San Diego and beyond,
not realizing he's slipped again into a dangerous world. Who are his
true allies? Should he watch his back as well as his front? Not until
the shocking conclusion of his mission one lonely morning does he find
out. And not until that morning do his allies discover Pablo de Silva
is much more than he seems.

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