How to say NO to anything and mean it!- A spiritual classic by Ike Opene

"HOW TO SAY NO TO ANYTHING AND MEAN IT- HARNESSING THE MAGIC POWER OF ATTENTION........."Is an inspirational contemporary classic.
The major theme of this work is how to effectively say NO to certain issues in ones life that seem to have taken over control.
Before you can say No, to anything it behooves you to first give attention to it. This is where the problem lies you see.
In the act of giving attention to a situation in order to say No to it, you are unwittingly giving it recognition, power, reign, life, existence.
If you chose to read this work out of curiosity, then that's a start. Curiosity is the whisper from the lips of destiny. But, I'd rather you approached it from the
standpoint of desperation, exasperation even. It
means that you want something well enough to step out of the fear zone.
This is no mere whisper; it is a clarion call for change.
Friend, I will teach you, help remind you, of what will be required to open the next chapter in that story which is your life. I will teach you what I
have been taught also.
What I have learned about problems. That is how to say NO to them. If you are ready, I will teach you how to say No to every
circumstance or condition that you desire a stop to.
Once you have learnt how to say No properly to negativity, your next task will be managing the joy that floods your life.
But first you must listen to me with your heart!
The problem has always been that your No was never really your No at all!
This is why someone will say no to a debilitating habit or something truly unprofitable in his/her life on New-year' day and fail, neither did a
vehement refusal to being broke, lazy, stealing, fibbing, stuttering, fearfulness, being bullied or pushed around or plain being less than what you
desire for yourself work, it only took time and one was back in that same old soup.
There is nothing now you sincerely and positively desire you cannot have, just listen! Can you prove life wrong? An end to that feeling of stagnation,
of being stuck against your will is at hand. The quicksand will now become solid ground.
By the end of this interaction, you will be able to say No rightly to cancer, HIV, asthma, phobia, penury, addiction to drugs, or any or any other
I will help teach you how to say No properly to hurtful relationships, and failure.
Anywhere a well-placed No belongs in your experience, I will help teach you how to rightly say NO to it.
This is my desire!
That is why you are here now. But, do you want a change bad enough? Do you want a healing bad enough? Read my lips (or my pen). It doesn't really
matter if your doctors said you or someone you care about has only 2 hours to live.
A thing - a circumstance, a habit, an addiction, a cancer - gets recognition, or power to exist by calling attention to itself. A cancer by the usual
methods make its desire for recognition felt.
When ignored properly, it loses its hold on life; it loses attention, power and recognition.
This is a hard and bitter pill for my friends who are braniacs to swallow. Please they may pass it by.
But you, who sense my meaning intuitively, follow the corridor of wisdom as it winds its way into the patio of your liberation from tyranny.
Make no mistake about it, when you withdraw attention completely and irrevocably from a subject, it ceases to exist. At the instant it no longer
attracts your attention, that dire circumstance that troubled your dear soul shudders and with continued, withdrawal of attention vanishes, without
even a puff of smoke.
Drugs like cocaine and her other siblings become alive to a user through acquaintance.
When the drug becomes friendly by gaining allowance into the user's life, it immediately starts to dominate by siphoning attention, by stealing
chunks of Life. This is when the suffering begins for the narcotics user.
You see my dear; you need 100% of your life, of your attention.
Negative habits and situations in your experience know that you need your space and your peace.
Like any landowner you will not tolerate squatters for long.
Now, you know the situations in your life you desire a positive change to, conditions you desire to put a stop to.
You can go ahead and say enough is enough! You can go ahead and say No like you've always done without results or listen and learn this secret.
I am not really bothered either if you have been unable to help yourself for so many years. My pre-occupation is not that depression nor the
addiction, nor even the debts, or bad credit.
If you want a change, if you truly desire a positive change to be the case in your life then you will have it now. Let me teach you how to truly say NO
to that stumbling block.

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