Wixon's Day - a post-apocalyptic adventure by Phil Williams

A lone boatman with a kidnapped child and a guilty conscience. Foreign
rebels on the run from an oppressive army. An empire in a state of
anarchy. Rumours of a scientist with weapons of mass destruction. All
this and more combines to form the brooding post-apocalyptic adventure
that is Wixon's Day.

Marquos, a drifter trying to make amends for the questionable work he
did in the mines, travels north to the most inhospitable region of the
known world. He's looking for adventure, to experience any wonders
that might be left in his broken world, but on the way he discovers
that all adventure comes at a price. Beset by violent criminals and
barbaric wasteland wanderers, Marquos has to fight to survive, to
protect himself and the child he liberated from the Mines. Along the
way, his eyes are opened to a war with implications more devastating
than he ever thought possible in this barren land.

Set in the reconstructed world of Estalia, where the sky is
permanently clouded over and the people have a lasting fear of the
gradual drop in temperature, Wixon's Day explores the theme of finding
something to believe in when all hope is gone. It is a world populated
by tough and dangerous characters, mad steampunk machinery and a sense
of politics and identity as hazy as the sky above.

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