A Cat Whisperer Named Marcie - a comic fantasy for all by Norman Weinstein


A tale of how a very bad cat named Cecil was made nice.

Were it not for Marcie, Cecil would no doubt no longer be the Green family pet. He would instead have suffered banishment to tough old Farmer Greeley's barn. And Farmer Greely thought of animals as having only one or two acceptable functions: 1) as nutritious food and 2) as successful workers. Otherwise, goodbye, Charley! He considered pets as ridiculous nuisances and their people as fools. Near the top of his list of fools would be the Green family even though they were among his best customers at the local weekend farmers' market near where they lived. 

Now most likely Cecil never thought he was as bad as the Green family found out he could be. At least his wild eyes and tail swishings and his upside-down boing-boinging U never showed anything other than total approval of himself and of everything he did. And he did a lot, as we shall see. As a matter of fact, being the way he was, he probably thought he was the absolutely best thing that ever happened to the Greens. He was stuck on himself, a big shot.