The Chronicles of the Dragon Sisters - A Contemporary Fantasy for Young Adults

The debut novel by new author Peter A.J. Quatrine,

Moving to a new house always seems daunting, particularly when every inch of the house is filled with dragon decor and motifs. Such is the position that 13-year-old Eva Fontens find herself in, when her sisterand father move to a bizarre, isolated country house.

Soon strange dreams and odd clues lead Eva and her sister, Jane, to uncover the mystery of the house. As they find the answers to the house's secrets, they are drawn into fantastic and dangerous worlds that will reveal to them their family heritage.

If you enjoy fantasy within a contemporary setting, enjoy fairies, dragons and other mythical creatures, then Dragons Sisters might be the book you're looking for.

Barry Cunningham, publisher and MD of Chicken House, kindly notes in his 4* Amazon review: "I was lucky enough to read this early - it's a really excellent story, and I love the Dragon Sisters.  It's not so common in fantasy to find great girl characters, and these are truly intriguing in a fantastic and strange adventure."