Brightside - a sci-fi thriller by Mark Tullius


Ever wish you could hear the thoughts of those around you? You won't after reading Brightside, a sci-thriller where telepaths are rounded up and imprisoned in a beautiful mountain town.


Go ahead and shake your head, some people need convincing. There's no need to hear your thoughts to know what you're thinking: Wouldn't it be nice to know the right answer to every question? Wouldn't it be easy to convince someone to love you, tell them everything they wanted to hear? It'd be so simple to make money, working over the customer, selling them what they think they need, feeding off their low self-esteem. And if poker was your game, you could make millions.


Those things are all true and very tempting, but what about those other times? The times when you're with your partner and she's fantasizing you're someone else, wishing you'd start hitting the gym and do something about your breath. What if you're with your mom and she sees the mailman, thinks about what he did to her the day before while you were at school and your dad was at work?


Imagine not being able to turn off this ability and you'll start to understand why Joe Nolan has always hated it and himself. And now that he's stuck in this cursed town where others can hear his frantic thoughts, he's determined to escape. It's his hundredth day in Brightside and he can't take it anymore. He has a shotgun and a way out, the only thing he's lacking is the courage.