The Blemished - a YA dystopia by Sarah Dalton

A beautiful world comes at a price...


In the not so distant future Mina Hart is Blemished. Her genes are considered worthless in a shallow world where beautiful clones are created for the rich. She has no rights and should know her place, but Mina Hart has something to say about that. She wants to fight against the system and use her unique super-power against the Ministry. 


The Blemished is the first part in the YA dystopia trilogy. Mina and her friends need to escape Area 14 and the dreaded Operation. That's pretty difficult when your teacher has it in for you and Enforcers are on your trail. Not to mention how gorgeous clones and attractive but damaged boys can complicate things... especially when there are rules against even talking to members of the opposite sex. 


The Blemished is a frightening take on a fractured future where the Genetic Enhancement Ministry have taken control of Britain. This fast-paced dystopia with a science fiction twist takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride filled with adventure, romance and rebellion.


This book will challenge you to ask yourself one question: Would you fight back?

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