Sparks - A thriller by Cathryn Louis

Bored by your workplace? Visit Gabrielle Winston's instead. Disasters, deception, dangerous liaisons; and Monday she faces termination – as in death.

Gabrielle has a secret – a software application based on algorithms she developed. It is a 'killer app', using known events to predict the unknown with uncanny accuracy. Unbeknownst to her firm, she has been using her killer app instead of the their analysis application for the five years she has been there. She has named it SPARKS, after 'what would fly' if her firm found out about it before she was ready to tell them. She intended to tell them – really she did, except that now, she is exposed and is about to discover that her killer app is to die for.

The discovery of commercial espionage operatives inside her firm puts Gabrielle in the cross-hairs of the ruthless CEO who controls them. Though never having met Gabrielle, Jarin San Chapelle provides personal protection agents from his security services firm to protect her; and despite his resistance, gives her his heart. They all believe that the operatives mean to destabilize her firm; the opening maneuver in a hostile takeover. But they are after SPARKS.

Convinced that she and SPARKS are the only bait for which the operatives will expose themselves, Gabrielle forces Jarin's hand. Unforeseen events doom their strategically flawless sting and Jarin, battling his way through the operatives' defenses, can't get to her in time. Trapped by the operatives, Gabrielle is collateral damage; all they want is SPARKS.  Outmatched, can Gabrielle bluff her way out to save herself? How can she -- when she doesn't have a poker face?