"Daynight" - a young adult dystopian novel by Megan Thomason

KDP Select promotion dates: 12/28/12-12/29/12 & 1/21/13-1/23/12

A gripping young adult dystopian novel full of competing agendas, romantic entanglements, sarcasm, twists and turns.

Meet The Second Chance Institute (SCI): Earth's benevolent non-profit by day, Thera's totalitarian regime by night. Their motto: Because Everyone Deserves a Second Chance at Life™. Reality? On Thera, Earth's inverted sister planet, the SCI subjects Second Chancers to strict controls and politically motivated science experiments. Example: Earth's morality nosedives, so the SCI tests Cleaving on Thera, forced lifetime union between two people who have sex. Punishment for disobeying SCI edicts? Immediate Exile or death. Three young adults narrate, each trapped in a web of lies and deceit: Kira, a Recruit central to the SCI's future; Blake, raised in Exile, and trained to infiltrate and destroy the SCI; and Ethan, groomed to rule the Second Chancers. Full of engaging characters, compelling conflicts, high stakes, and page-turning surprises. Well-placed humor balances the dark material. Unlike post-apocalyptic dystopias, daynight transpires in a modern-day society that fully intends on extending its dominion to Earth.


"Mr. Rosenberg, where on God's green earth have you brought me?" I gasp.
"Technically, Ms. Donovan," Spud grunts between spasms, "we are no longer on God's green earth."

"She seems to be in shock at the sight of Blake, looking him and up and down like he's a melting popsicle that she wants to lick. Blake, on the other hand, is looking at Bailey like she's a popsicle that he'd like to take a blow-torch to."

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