Rather than the typical down and out, broken, alcoholic private investigator found in many stories (admittedly a successful character, rich in nuance), Raja Williams is an independently wealthy, Oxford-educated private investigator with a mission to bring justice to the underdogs he encounters. He does not carry a gun but he knows how to use one, and he has a sixth sense that leads him straight to trouble. Raja has an ethical code of conduct that his partner, Vinny, calls "Raja's Rules." Following his rules sometimes throws Raja into a worst tangle of trouble than he should tackle but, lucky for him, he has some very resourceful friends.
His main investigative partner is Livinia Moore, a strong female character whose top-level hacker skills help Raja crack his cases. The button-down, Oxford-educated Raja Williams and the hipster, wild-child hacker Vinny Moore make a strange pairing but they work hand-in-glove and are best of friends. The two of them do whatever it takes to bring justice to those who have nowhere else to turn.
Here's a sample of Raja's Rules:
Look, don't listen. People often say things of which only a small portion are facts. Sometimes none. Only facts count.
Go all in. Once you commit to a course of action, follow through one hundred percent. Doubt or hesitation will get you killed.
If you see a bad situation, you should do something about it. Often when investigating you run across bad things that are not part of your case. Don't ignore them. Fix them.
Don't sleep with the client. (Corollary: Don't sleep with the suspect.) These two rules avoid most of the worst tangles a detective could get into on a case. Unfortunately, this last rule is the one Raja has the most trouble following.
As Vinny would say, "Bam shizzaam."

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