Jill - a female serial killer novel by C. W. Schultz

The twisted work of C. W. Schultz continues with another serial killer novel; but this time, the serial killer is female.  While there were many differences between Yeval and The Pack, his third novel Jill travels further into new territory while still maintaining the candor that has made C. W. Schultz a unique indie author.

The story is about Rachel Rhodes, who moonlights as the mysterious serial killer known as Jill.  She targets men who remind her of either her father or husband, and lures them to their death with her beauty, always leaving behind a green calling card to get credit for her work.  Despite everything running considerably smoothly for her at the start of these heinous acts, she soon becomes a bit in-over-her-head when her secret life begins mixing with her everyday life and especially when she crosses paths with two detectives, Cole Dale and Perry Charleton, who are investigating her murders.

Told in an omniscient third person narrative—a first for Schultz, as his first two novels were first person narratives—the tale works more as a character-study than a thriller, though there are plenty of thrills to go around in this story best suited for those with a strong stomach and open mind.

Schultz started the novel in January 2011 and completed the first draft in March 2012.  After a series of edits, including a postponed release date of November 23 (Black Friday), Jill was officially released on December 7, 2012.

Schultz tends to treat his three novels like many would treat their children: he won't play favorites with them.  However, his website made it known that Jill includes a character, Detective Perry Charleton, that the author states is his most favorite character creation; so it seems Schultz doesn't share the same unconditional love with his characters as he does with his books—nor should he, as he has a knack for creating unlikable (yet fascinating) characters.

A teaser of the first chapter is available at Schultz's official website, including other information on how to get a serial killer green calling card replica and a signed copy of Jill.  Also keep an eye out for a couple of free signed paperback giveaways in the near future.

The Kindle Edition of Jill is available at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Jill-ebook/dp/B00AKWTWYS/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1354998181&sr=8-2&keywords=jill+c.+w.+schultz