Nighthawks - A Military Thriller by Damon Johnson

Written by a US Air Force veteran, Nighthawks follows a top secret pararescue team from their inception through to a classified mission that changes their lives forever.

A top secret mission gone awry.
A father downed behind enemy lines.
Only one team can get him out.
The Nighthawks

It's two weeks before a major summit and the President needs hard intelligence about North Korea's tactical nuclear capability. General Mitchell, Air Force Chief of Staff, has a problem--the North Koreans know the cover times of the National Reconnaissance Office's satellites and the only way to get the information that the President needs is with human assets. General Mitchell decides to send the top secret F-22 Raptor and Colonel Donald "Sledge" Hammer to do the job.

Through a combination of bad luck and fate, Colonel Hammer's F-22 is shot down in enemy territory with the North Korean Army closing in fast. Stationed at the secret base of Groom Lake is the only team qualified to get him back--the Nighthawks. Their mission: HALO ingress in the black of night from 35,000 feet, extract Colonel Hammer, and destroy all evidence of the F-22. Can the Nighthawks enter North Korea and bring Colonel Hammer home? Can they destroy evidence of the F-22 and recover the information required by their mission? And can they accomplish their mission and return in secret before the summit? The only ones sure about the answers to the questions surrounding the team is the team itself, the Nighthawks.

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