Larry the Undertaker- a zombie adventure by J.E. Shook
Four centuries ago, civilization found its core broken by a zombie outbreak. Though most of the earth's population became infected or killed, some isolated parts of the world managed to survive. It was from the scattered remains of humankind that certain men and women became experts in killing off their zombie counterparts. As these warriors came together, the people began to depend on them for protection and a small shred of hope. As their numbers grew, the people came to call them the Undertakers. Within decades, they had grown into a formidable army, one that could push back against the zombie threat. Through thousands of valiant sacrifices, they slowly began to take back several major cities from the dead. They fortified the places they conquered, and gave millions a safe place to live and rebuild civilization all over again. The past two centuries of progress has made most feel like the threat is over. Many of the new Undertakers haven't seen a zombie, and only the most veteran fighters know of the real threat. Larry, a loner who has been struggling to survive for most of his life knows all too well of how much a threat the zombies still are. The small town of Varnit, which he now calls home, seems far away from the rest of the world, but a chance encounter throws Larry into a journey where he will have to help decide the fate of millions.
This is the first book of the series and will be continued yearly.

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