Don't You Wish Your Momma Could Cook Like Mine? Funny, Non-Fiction Children's Picture Book by Colleen H. Robley Blake

Ah, come on Mom.  I don't want to eat vegetables again.  Make me some cheeseburgers or some chicken nuggets and french fries.  Please, Mom?

When Mom, yells, "Come and eat".
I turn around and try to retreat.
Don't want any of that cooking, Mom, I'm sorry it's true.
Sometimes it's just too hard for me to chew.

Why can't you cook like the King or the Colonel?
Yummy burgers, chicken and sweet corn kernel
Maybe veggies like sweet corn are okay
But only if mixed with crispy chicken, cheese, and gravy.

Read along and laugh as Alex tries to avoid eating whatever his mother cooks.

Children can follow along as Alex observes his cheerful Mother cooking, and all of the other people (including his brother) who seem to enjoy her food.

The book teaches a number of important lessons through humor, particularly kindness and appreciation for others' efforts, even when they don't wildly succeed.

Don't You Wish Your Momma Could Cook Like Mine? features rhyming poetic prose that makes the book easily accessible to children and a delight for parents to read aloud.  Parents who want to test their children's level of comprehension can use the reading exercise at the end of the story to spur an academic discussion with their kids.

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