Mirror Face - A Coming-of-Age Novel by Meredith Lorimar

I invite you to download on Amazon.com, for free my first novel "Mirror Face," anytime between January 2nd, 2013 & January 6th, 2013.


As an emerging novelist, I wanted to write a novel for budding readers in the YA market but I was challenged by the fact that the genre is heavily dominated by Paranormal escapades and a fixation with immortality and eternal love, tagged with that Faustian price. There is no reason to create another tale of this ilk so I went back to basics and tried to create an intimate, coming-of-age novel, in the Jane Austin tradition. I wanted to both engage and challenge my reader and I believe I have been successful in this resolve.

My heroine, Ursula Baker is the focal point of the story and her  turbid consciousness is the landscape for the book. She has appealed to me in so many different ways and as I began to draw a deeper portrait of her character, I grew to both envy and respect her ability to hold her values and loyalties in the forefront of her many challenging decisions she is required to make, due to the dark circumstances of her story.

Ursula is in possession of an enviable integrity and the challenges which the narrative confronts her with - friends who have lost control of their own young lives, leaving them to flounder on the brink of self-destruction and ultimately death - the inevitable consequences for their indulgences - place Ursula in a vice of self-protection and consuming loyalty.

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