Shadow Cay - a hard-boiled thriller by Leona Bodie

KDP 99 cents Promotion – December 21st

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Shadow Cay - a fast-paced, action-packed, hard-boiled thriller Checkout it out today!  Many 5-star reviews.


In a remote tropical island paradise, Madeleine's life is thrown into a tailspin when the double murder of her parents shatters the only security she's ever known. Now everything, she thought she knew–even about herself–will be challenged. Torn between revenge and fear, facing tormenting visions and threats on her life, she hunts for a killer and the truth behind a global conspiracy.  She has one goal:  To discover secrets that could rock the world before the killer–operating in the Bahamas and Florida–claims her as his next victim.

"Intense, chilling, entertaining novel!  If you enjoy a good thriller, Shadow Cay will provide that and more. It sets a strong pace from the start with riveting action and dialogue. The beautiful Bahamas background adds contrast to the frightening action and gritty texture of the story." --BellaOnline Mystery Editor

"Suspense and thrills. the storyline is deep and rich, flowing with characters that piece together like a fine jig saw puzzle, bringing forth a story that reels with adventure and intrigue...a real thriller, one that wraps around you and keeps you tied to the pages until the final curtain." --Midwest Book Review

"When your next heartbeat might kill you, you live a life on the edge and in suspense and that is exactly where two characters created by author Leona Bodie bodie live. Their story is captivating, their bravery unique and the story is full of twists and turns, which leave the reader wanting more while flipping through pages." --Hot Gossip Hot Reviews