My Journey To Heaven And Back nonfiction spiritual by Rebecca D. Myers

My Journey to Heaven and Back is a near death experience by a retired registered nurse. It happened with an outpatient "simple ankle surgery". After the surgery Rebecca's doctor decided to keep her over night just for observation. Nothing was suppose to happen. Everything was normal, surgery was successful until Rebecca decided to stop breathing. As her husband was carrying on a conversation with her, Rebecca just died.

Instantly she was transported to an angelic atmosphere. Entering the streets of gold, ushered onto the street without end. What a glorious sight to behold. Nothing could prepare either Rebecca or her husband for this experience. One question that everyone wants to know is why did Rebecca come back. Come on, she was in heaven!

Just imagine for a moment that your life has been in turmoil since birth. Abandoned, abused, neglected at the age of four. Just a little taste of Rebecca's life's journey.

This book is more than a near death experience. Rebecca relates her past experiences whereby she should have died many other times. She also relates stories of abuse.

My Journey To Heaven And Back is uplifting and motivating. For an abused victim it gives a ray of hope that life can continue without abuse. One can escape abuse live and love again. My Journey To Heaven And Back is a pre-sequel for her second book

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