An Unquiet American - a political thriller by AFN Clarke

AN UNQUIET AMERICAN is a literary political thriller which draws on my own experiences as the son of a low-level British MI6 operative, growing up in many countries around-the-world including the UK, Hong Kong, Iran and Libya, and on my service as a Captain in Britain's elite Parachute Regiment.

Rufus Reed, ex-British Special Forces, is kidnapped, accused of terrorism and ruthlessly questioned at a CIA "Black Site". But he's no ordinary prisoner. Always 10 steps ahead, he confounds his captors revealing they may all be pawns in an insidious deadly game. As events escalate, powerful conspirators from Hong Kong, Jordan, Italy, the Middle East to top levels of the US Government, the Knesset and the Vatican make their move. But nothing is quite as it seems and as multilayered conspiracies unravel, Rufus propels the action to a surprising conclusion. 
"...AFN Clarke's book is terrific…The story has all of the intrigue of a 'Bond' novel, villains taken from 'today's headlines', and an insight into the political world that we are all suffering the repercussions from. I'd highly recommend it." Rex Piano - Award Winning Film Director
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From the Author:

AN UNQUIET AMERICAN is a very personal book. I admit it reflects my own strong beliefs and that I have a deep distrust of politicians who curtail our freedoms and try to determine the course of history to suit their own ends. I personally believe that power, greed and religious fervor cause most of the pain, anguish and conflict in the world.  But I am also very much of an optimist at heart. I believe in the strength of the human spirit, in the power of love and still believe and hope that "good" will prevail over "evil". That optimism pervades the action and, I hope, the feeling that the reader is left with. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! 
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