Proud Parents Blog - A Sci-Fi Novel by Meinos Kaen

What's the main stage for general discussion, nowadays? Where is it that the most people meet, talk, ask questions, insult each other trying to voice their opinions or just feel gratuitously superior to others by knowing something other people do not? If you're reading this description, you already know. You're on it right now.

So, why should the future have an inversion of tendency, even if the world of Proud Parents Blog is more than three hundred years apart from ours?

Through the words of Henry 'The King' Powell and his fellow users, discover a world changed forever by a never explained catastrophe. Or two, depending on how you look at it.
See what values have changed, what new problems parents must deal with when it comes to their children and just what eventually leads this den of iniquity, information and entertainment -just another piece of the internet, really- to be shut down.

Meinos Kaen