The Great Way - a philosophical adventure novel by Mel Wayne


The Great Way unites philosophical thought with science fiction and fantasy, revealing an epic novel that entertains as well as enlightens. Lifting you into a journey through space and time, Mel Wayne's story for the ages inspires you to experience a self-revelation – a discovery of your Self – who you truly are. 


Join Hunter Wainright as he discovers the Secrets of the Universe from Morph, Sage of the Ages, while they travel the high road to enlightenment, The Great Way.

Journey through Planet Millennium. Land of the Eight Great Treasures and enter the mysterious World of Self, an enchanted place where you will find the answers to the most basic of human questions: "Who am I?" "Why am I here?" "Where am I going?"


The Great Way philosophical adventure novel features 200 illustrations and 300 inspirational quotations.

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