PSYCH -A psychological thriller - by J.T.Twerell

You are a very wealthy person who needs some psychological help. Dr. Stephanie Walker is a very beautiful, brilliant and unusual psychiatrist. She will help you tremendously. She will help you give her all your money. She will help you enjoy your life as she destroys it. She will help you commit suicide. She is very, very cleaver. She knows how to control your thoughts.
Detective Joe Stanton is a cop who smells something very strange concerning a string of suicides in the last few years. He begins to look at Dr. Stephanie Walker, but she also knows how to control his thoughts, which greatly hinders his investigation. 
Best selling author J.T.Twerell's new novel "PSYCH" is a psychological thriller you won't be able to put down. A practicing psychologist in New York City, he provides an interesting slant regarding his own profession. In addition to "PSYCH", he successfully published two award winning books; "Signal 30" winner of the Readers View Best New Book Award, 2011 and "Catch and Release" a 
top winner in Romance/mystery at the 2012 London Book Fair, Los Angeles Book Show and Beach 
Book Festival. 

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