Reluctant in Uniform: or Pig gone soldier on - humour in uniform by C J Harcourt

Reluctant in Uniform is a humorous barrack room tale of Logan a young soldier in the British army.

Escaping a pregnancy wrap Logan joins the British army of the 1960s to find himself a reluctant recruit. It was a time of long hair, Beatles, free love and the pill and he was missing all of it.

'It's a little known but absolutely recorded fact that there were over fifty mutinies for Britain's military in the first half of the twentieth century' stated Compton suddenly.
'There must have been more than that' said Logan thinking it through.


Major Rory Calhoun sat in the squadron office sipping his morning coffee. Today was to be a very special day in the life of the Calhoun family. Years of piracy, sheep stealing and countless thousands spent putting the half-wit Rory through a succession of crams to get him into the Royal Military College Sandhurst would all have been worth it. Rory was to take a pass out parade attended by a royal and one still married to boot. Brushing shoulders with an HRH rated as high as a night with old matron wearing her rubber gloves for the major or a rampant nubile in a gymslip for the other ranks.

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