The Shadows of the Multiverse - a scifi novel by Doug Dandridge

When I start writing this novel I wanted to do something that avoided
most of the conventions of modern scifi and was more true to science as
we know it. So there were no magical force fields, and ships could only
accelerate to the abilities of the crews to withstand G-forces. Then I
went and trashed the entire science as we know it concept by making up
the huge globes, with millions of facets each, that allowed
instantaneous transport across the Universe, the Gates. Add to that the
concept of the Quantum Mind that is able to shape reality, and the book
became somewhat a mixture of hard science fiction and modern science
fantasy. I had a lot of trouble with the title for this book, first
calling it Quantum Reality, then The Weavers of Reality, finally
settling on the more sensational The Shadows of the Multiverse. I
wasn't sure about calling the antagonists of the novel The Shadows
either, as that term was used so much in Babylon Five, and I still call
them the Weavers in the book. I had several reviews on Amazon in which
the book was called better than one of my other hard scifi novels, The
Deep Dark Well, which had 9 five star reviews and 3,800 downloads when
it was free, and over 800 sales since. I think it has something of
interest to the military scifi fan, as well as the hard scifi aficionado.

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