THE TORN TIMELINE: Future Destiny - a young adult sci-fi novel by Ray LeCara, Jr.

Sometimes it’s just interesting to see where stories take you, as readers and even as writers.  For the sheer pleasure of it, I was in the middle of a twenty-page treatment about a teacher-cum-agent and his mentor when it occurred to me that this had the potential to be a rousing adventure for the young adult reader.  Originally conceived as a short story that focused on only two main characters, it became the genesis for a much larger piece in terms of scope and size.  From this, a sci-fi novel was born that flipped traditional roles on its head and loosely played with modern-day conventions and computer jargon.  It was also an opportunity to explore real-world issues, like terrorism and cloning, but through the eyes of younger characters.


Heavily influenced by Doctor Who and Blade Runner, The Torn Timeline: Future Destiny is a fast-paced page-turning adventure you won’t want to put down!


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