The Supreme Warrior, a fantasy novel by John Viril

Dates free on Kindle: 12/08/12 through 12/10/12
The Supreme Warrior is not your average Epic Fantasy. This book has all the depth and world building that allows fantasy lovers to immerse themselves into a new world combined with violent political intrigue, all while paced like a page-turning thriller.
This book introduces the norns, a woodland race determined to exterminate mankind in order to reclaim their primeval forests. Yet, the norns can only attack the minds of their foes, being culturally and numerically incapable of putting armies into the field. Instead, the norns attempt to turn the various factions of human society against one another using their magic.
Many different forces collide in The Supreme Warrior, all around the crux of a young aspiring-Knight named Calidon Dannik: who only involves himself in his homeland's brutal politics to win the woman he loves. First, there are the Independent Barons, who are determined to retain control of the estates their ancestors hacked out of the wilderness. Rich merchant houses from the south are attempting to extend their trade network across the Medvian Sea, and the warrior-priests of Maht-Hildis who struggle to preserve the highways and trading routes of the fallen Thorandian Empire against bandits and feral goblins.
Meanwhile, the Prince of Selinger plots to bring the northern Barons under his control. He yearns to unite the western provinces of the old Empire under his rule, a dream which has eluded his ancestors for generations.. Unknown to all, the dwarves are poised to re-enter human lands for the first time since they brought down the Thorandians more than 300 years ago.
These forces crash into one another in ways their masters cannot anticipate, yielding unforeseen shifts in power that changes Horgeond forever.