WHOA! Are They Glad You’re in Their Lives? Self improvement book by Allan Cox

Kindle free-promotion dates are December 13-17.

Allan Cox has always been one of the foremost thinkers in management consulting. In his ninth book, WHOA! Are They Glad You’re in Their Lives? Allan Cox takes his decades of business expertise advising CEOs and top management teams, combines it with 52 weeks of tweets (365 gems of wisdom), contemplative personal poetry, and photography to create a one-of-a-kind 21st-century handbook. Designed to help today’s often overworked and overwhelmed readers get started on their personal road to reflection and reassessment, this is a book that guides readers to come of age as executives, parents, and spouses. The title of the book comes from Allan Cox’s belief that this is one of life’s most significant questions. If we can’t answer YES to that question, then where are we?

Allan’s goal for WHOA! is to help readers tap into their unique strengths, reassess where they are, whom they care about most, and what path they need to be on to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually. In WHOA! Are They Glad You’re in Their Lives? the author energizes the reader to higher planes. WHOA! inspires them to pause, take a deep breath, be peacefully present, and reconnect with their genuine selves before charging on with new purpose.