An Unbreakable Bond - a modern romance by Kalia Lewis

What would you do if you'd finally got your Prince Charming exactly where you wanted him, but then he left for good the very next day? Fast-forward into the future by ten years, and he decides to return with his new fiancée in tow.

Not only that, you're their wedding planner! Spice it up with a few secrets, twists and turns and you have the reverse of Prince Charming chasing after a very reluctant Cinderella!

Set in the historical village of Edingthorpe in Norfolk, UK, the female lead, Annabelle Summers, is no push-over, whereas the hero, wealthy tycoon, Tristan Hemsley-Ford, doesn't know how to take 'no' for an answer. He's not only in line to inherit an English aristocratic title, but he's also a powerful oil baron.

Shocked to the core at meeting her again, he is forced to choose between fulfilling family and business duties or drop everything for love. The decision would be a lot easier if she'd just quit running...

A fast-paced modern romance that deserves to be enjoyed, so put the kettle on and cuddle down for a good old read.

Sample of Amazon Reviews
***** "I had an unbreakable bond with my Kindle reading this brilliantly written, funny romance read. There are a number of twists and unexpected turns, as well as hot, steamy, juicy scenes that will keep you on the edge of your seat wanting more! Kalia Lewis lightly yet deeply delves into the wants, desires and needs of the two main characters, leading the reader on a journey into their lives and how their story unfolds. This book had me laughing, in parts took my breath away and at times made my heart burst with Joy-"

***** "Kalia has caught so much high passion, high drama, the madness of people's fears, projections onto others, misinterpretations and lack of communication leading to even greater nightmares and messed up relationships. It's romantic drama at its best because the reactions are real and understandable. Add into that mix tastefully steamy love and sex and it's just electric. Breath-taking stuff!"

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