Delightful Hands - A self help book on women's sexuality by Andrew Pace

Andrew Pace found himself in midlife crisis recovering financially and emotionally from his second divorce.  He vowed to make changes in his approach to life and love.  Over the next ten years, he experienced four serious relationships in which, contrary to his prior behavior of primarily seeking his own satisfaction, he concentrated on pleasuring his partners first.  To sharpen his lovemaking skills, he kept a journal of sexual encounters and methods which seemed to please each partner the most.  He eventually summarized those techniques into a book which he named Delightful Hands.  It is a compilation of ways a man can use his hands, tongue, and head to enable his partner to achieve bigger, better, and more orgasms:  His hands to delight her most sexually sensitive places, his tongue to communicate with her about sexual issues as well as to stimulate her, and his head to record her responses and optimize the techniques for her maximum pleasure.  

What he discovered is that inside every man is a great lover trying to get out, but that lover is often overwhelmed with fear that his equipment is not large enough to satisfy his woman.  Delightful Hands frees that great lover to delight his partner and elevate her sexual satisfaction no matter his size.  It delivers amazing results by showing men how to use their hands in natural, gentle and delightful ways to pleasure their partners instead of relying primarily on their male member.  It is all about his hands, not what's between his legs! 

Delightful Hands is an important resource for couples who want to expand their sexual enjoyment and satisfaction in natural ways for a closer relationship.  It is instructive reading for both men and women.  It gives readers clear directions for detailed orgasm techniques (Quattro Delight, Vagina Thump, Nipple Teasers, Vagina Vibrations, Extended Orgasmic High among others) along with forty-five illustrations to enhance the reader's understanding.  Also included are three authentic stories that reveal the very different ways women achieve orgasm, plus a list of unique tips (Headboard Push, Genital Press and others) for how women can maximize their own sexual responses.

These techniques radically changed Andrew's sex life for the better, increased intimacy and fostered a much closer relationship with his partners.  Delightful Hands can do the same for any couple.

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