Antonia Pello Island 3 - A Fantasy Romance by A.L. Jambor
The exciting Pello Island series continues with Antonia Pello Island 3!
In this third part of the Pello Island series, we find Antonia, the bad girl from Darius, Pellos Island 2, languishing on Mount Olympus.  She has been there for seventeen hundred Earth years and there is a new man in her life.  For Antonia, the time spent with her new man has changed her – she is kinder and less inclined to rake her nails over her lover's chest.  Instead, the closeness of her relationship with Janus, the mortal man used by the gods as a go-between, begins to work on her heart, bringing with it a sense of trust she has never known.

But this idyllic situation is doomed to end as the Parcae, the three sister goddesses responsible for birth, destiny and death, find a body for Antonia in 1760 Ireland.  Antonia's destiny, assigned at her birth, is to have the child she conceived on Pello Island, a child whose been waiting to be born for seventeen hundred years.  The impending separation from Janus is heartbreaking for her, but Antonia knows she has no choice.  She must leave him on Mount Olympus, with the hope of an occasional visit on Earth, and the possibility that someday they might be together.

Antonia Pello Island 3 is an endearing story of true love thwarted by incredible circumstances, and two people who, even though they love each other beyond words, may never be together.  From a small village in Ireland, to the seaside town of Victorian era Cape May, Antonia will take you on a journey through time that will stay with you long after you turn the last page.

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