Caveat Emptor - An Espionage Novel By Steve Anderson
Caveat Emptor is the story of how a middle aged salesman named Jack Henderson has his mediocre and boring life turned around when he is catapulted into the dangerous world  of international espionage and intrigue.
Jack was accepted into The Naval Academy as a 15 year old, but whilst his classmates went on to distinguished careers serving their country he was kicked out and ended up a feeling he is an underachiever and a failure.
When a tonne of weapons grade plutonium goes missing and Jack's best friend from the old Navy days is suspected it becomes jack's job to gain his confidence and either prove his guilt or innocence.
Jack has to overcome a lifetime of being weak and ineffectual and in the end it's up to him to find the Plutonium before it can be delivered to radical elements of the Iranian Government for their weapons program.
In a frantic race half way across the globe Jack has to call on his old friends from the Navy to provide him the support and help to hunt down the traitors before its too late. With the fate of the world in the balance Jack has to become the man he always promised to be.

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