Laura and Julio by Juan Jose Millas

Can you really have a love triangle with only 2 sides? Can you cheat with somebody if they're not really there?

Laura and Julio are a married professional couple living in an apartment block whose fragile relationship is in danger of failing, due to the presence of their suave neighbour Manuel. However, when Manuel is involved in a car accident and put into a coma and a pregnancy scare further rocks the couple, Julio is forced to leave their apartment as the couple 's relationship breaks down. But, unknown to his wife, Julio hides out in Manuel's empty apartment to secretly spy on Laura.It is while he lives in the other man's home and life, that the grass is always greener on the other side as Julio learns more about his estranged wife and their relationship.  And as he grows closer to his brother's ex-wife and her six year old daughter, he understands more about his desire to be father and sees his old life from a new perspective.

"Laura & Julio is a sad tale on life and people and their relationships, and the ease with which people can be swayed to change their minds about what and who is important. Good drama with a lot of reality to make you think about the strength of love and yearning."

 *** out of *****

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