Charden Wood's Sex With a Stranger Collection - Volume 1– a collection of erotic stories by Charden Wood

Charden Wood's Sex With A Stranger Collection - Volume 1 will wet your sexual appetite with four steamy tales of eroticism.  Read about Laura, and the property owner who shows Laura more than an apartment; Donald, a diner customer who gets a lot more from the waitress than a tuna melt and Anna, a woman who surrenders herself to a strange man at night on a darkened road.  After reading the "Drunk Off of Bacardi" story that's included, you may want to check out the rest of the books in the Charden Wood Bacardi Series.

READERS BEWARE:  You won't find any flowery or romantic love scenes here.  This erotica is raw and explicit, written for both the men AND women erotic eBook fans who enjoy it that way.

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