The Bacardi Series (Collection) - Book One – an erotic first time lesbian tale by Charden Wood

Charden Wood's new Bacardi Series contains all four of the eBooks currently available in this series.  They all center around the hot and steamy bisexual predator and blackmailer, Bacardi Sullivan.  Gino, her domineering male lover and partner in crime is out of town.  Bacardi aims to have a little girl on girl fun while he's gone.  

She lies about herself when she meets Anna on an alternative dating chat line.  Bacardi deceives Anna into believing that she is a lesbian virgin just like her.  In "First Taste of Bacardi", the two are caught up in an afternoon of erotic bliss as they enjoy each other's bodies.  But the second book, "Bacardi With A Chaser", turns up the heat!  Anna discovers that she has more to worry about than the lie Bacardi told about her sexuality.  Not only does their girl-on-girl action turn into a three-way ménage when China enters the picture, but someone has been secretly taping the whole thing! 

In book three of the series, in spite of being "Drunk Off of Bacardi", Anna all but flees from the house after discovering the video equipment and two-way mirror.  An unscheduled stop on the way home results in yet another sexual encounter with a strange man on the road.  Before "Hung Over From Bacardi" comes to an end, Anna must confront the reality that her lusty, sex-filled afternoon and evening may result in some potentially negative consequences.

Each book provides the same raw and gritty sexual imagery that will heighten your arousal from beginning until end.  READERS BEWARE:  You won't find any flowery or romantic love scenes here.  This erotica series will appeal to both men and women erotic eBook fans.

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