Dangerous Waters - a romantic mystery by Anne Allen


Dangerous Waters is a romantic mystery set in Guernsey, Britain and follows the loves and losses of Jeanne Le Page. She's a thirty-something who left the island 15 years before after a family tragedy and now is forced to return after her grandmother's death. The old lady has left Jeanne her cottage but she doesn't want to live there, planning to sell it and leave.  Heartbroken after the recent end of a relationship she is feeling completely lost.  But then Jeanne starts to unearth secrets going back to the German Occupation in the Second World War as well as the truth behind the unexplained tragedy. She had been injured in the accident and suffered traumatic amnesia. With the help of hypnosis Jeanne slowly recovers her memory but this puts her in mortal danger from an unexpected source. Jeanne's story has some parallels with that of her grandmother and their stories intertwine. There are a few twists in the plot and there's actually a 'book within a book' to add some extra interest, together with mouth-watering recipes at the end!

This novel will appeal to anyone who enjoys a love story with some depth and, as it's set on a beautiful Island, makes a perfect read to escape from everyday life.