HERE WE ARE & THERE WE GO: Teaching and Traveling With Kids in Tow-A Travel Memoir by Jill Dobbe
Here We Are & There We Go: Teaching and Traveling With Kids in Tow is a travel memoir about our family's experiences while living and working overseas for ten years in four different countries (Ghana, Singapore, Guam, Mexico) and the crazy, hilarious, and sometimes scary adventures we found ourselves in.  Then after those ten years overseas we return to the U.S. and experience reverse culture shock while trying to reacclimate ourselves.
Almost being trampled by elephants, bathing in a polluted river, and swimming with whales, are only some of the adventures that our family experienced.  We also ran out of money a couple of times, survived a hurricane, and just missed being mauled by a pride of lions.  Through all of it though, we grew closer as a family as we literally traveled around the world experiencing some of the most amazing things together. 
This travel memoir will appeal to everyone as it is not just about traveling, or kids.  It is about a family experiencing new cultures, new foods, new languages, and new ways of life, while trying to make a living, getting used to new schools and making new friends, not to mention learning how to drive in each different country.  Here We Are & There We Go is a travel memoir that will appeal to even those armchair travelers who are happy to stay put, as well as educators or others who contemplate traveling, living, or working overseas, with or without kids.