Dead Size - A Strange Fantasy by Sawney Hatton

You've probably heard of certain books described as being different. Original. Genre-defying.

If ever a book epitomized those qualities, it's Sawney Hatton's debut novel DEAD SIZE. Most likely, it's like nothing you've ever read.

Gulliver Huggens, our hero (of sorts), has issues. He watched his family perish in a tragic car accident as a child. He doesn't know how to win the heart of the girl at the coffee shop. And he shares his home with a clan of mischievous tiny people.

Yet these all turn out to be the least of his troubles.

A secret race of giants dwelling in the neighboring mountains wants Gulliver to exterminate all the Little People… or else. When folks in his hometown begin brutally dying — literally losing their heads — Gulliver must make a hard choice. But choices have consequences. And consequences, he'll learn, come in all terrible sizes.

DEAD SIZE is a Dark Comedy, a Psychological Fantasy, and a Mystery Thriller, with splashes of Horror, Sci-Fi, even a bit of kinky Romance. You'll encounter Giants and Little People, robots and aliens, murder and madness.

At times funny, other times frightening, DEAD SIZE truly is different.

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