Parted Waters - a Science Fiction Fantasy novel by Natasha Ashwe

Climbing the Beanstalk: 
On writing my fantasy novel

I began writing this fairy tale as a girl. It was my form of escapism, taking in, processing and regurgitating mainstream impressions from books, television and early life, not having travelled around the world much, naive, non-political, free.

It is a fantasy world and the characters have a life and substance of their own.  Thoughts came together, personalities were formed, realms were woven around them. 
At best I try as much as possible to emphasize these personalities and their relationship dynamics, highlighting the bizarre and alien environment that surrounds them, green moons et al.

Writing, and ever considering to publish, a fantasy adventure novel was definitely unexpected for me, especially in a pre-Harry Potter, pre-cyber sensational world. My wildest dreams were geared towards music, poems were song lyrics or just cryptic diary entries.

But that was writing, and I loved writing, and tuning within.  It was definitely escapism.  One day I started writing about Cle'Abar and the princesses at the back of one of my school notebooks.
I wasn't thinking 'Hey, I'll write something to maybe read to my children when I'm older.' I was simply checking out.  Putting a pen to paper and letting go. 

The words however, grew like magic beans. I couldn't stop thinking about, and continuing with, the story that seemed to have started out of nowhere.
I realized I had something to share, a beanstalk to climb, and then writing this story transformed from a hobby to an exciting, unbelievably cool project I was so lucky to be working on. 
And I did, on and off, through school and after, along with other projects, letting the novel grow as I grew, right beside me.

Now here I am with the Wiera Earth Trilogy, starting off with Parted Waters, the first book, and continuing with World of Dreams, Book Two. 

I bring the beautiful twin princesses, an evil Queen, a roguish warlock, a fair prince, a citadel of mystics led by a very powerful and dangerous man, a myriad of goddesses in myth, seven seers and some pretty fantastic flying unicorns! 

And there is a mystery to solve, the one of the strange island girl that binds them all together and unravels a history of Wiera Earth long forgotten.  

I am a huge fan of fantasy literature and I can honestly say it has been a joy to write this one. A joyride. 

I hope others will find the magic I found climbing the beanstalk.

Natasha Ashwe.