Dry Tortugas - a book of literary fiction by AFN Clarke


From best selling author AFN Clarke comes a moving and emotionally rich novel, dedicated to his own daughters.  On her mother's death, Nikki Kimble searches for her estranged father Jake, finding him in the Florida Keys living on a battered yacht.  Like the approaching hurricane, demons from the past threaten to consume them as they discover the painful truth about each other.

As they face off on the leaking yacht during a massive storm their fury, sadness and sense of loss are countered by that mysterious bond between a father and daughter and the deep-seated human need for love, acceptance and belonging. Their only hope for the future is by healing the past. But the burning question remains. Will the truth really set them free, or will it create so much pain that it shatters them into tiny pieces, never to be whole again?
This dramatic moving and inspirational novel explores the power of family ties, love, loss, betrayal, self-realization and the strength of the Human Spirit to overcome seemingly impossible obstacles that Life places in our way. 
"...AFN Clarke captures a father and daughter reconciliation in a poignant, gripping and heartfelt way. It's a story which mirrors the journey many of us take in life ... As a reader I felt both challenged and uplifted by this book... I highly recommend it." 5 Stars, Roma Gaster.
Book Length 87,445 words. 1.2MB
About the Author:
AFN Clarke is the bestselling author of Contact (nonfiction) and 5 works of fiction (with more on the way). He's lived all over the world, served in the British army, had a near death experience, lost half his insides and recovered from the physical and emotional traumas of war.  A proud father of four daughters, writer, pilot, race-car driver, screenwriter, he also loves to sail, listen to opera, cook gourmet meals, drink red wine, read good books, have heated discussions and travel off the beaten path.  For more information please visit www.afnclarke.com.
From the Author:
Dry Tortugas is a novel that has taken shape over many years, because it's been such a personal book to write.  While not totally autobiographical, it does reflect the intensity of emotions that I felt – as many fathers and mother feel - when faced with the breakdown of a family unit and seeing the impact on children you love who are deeply affected.
I personally feel it's a story that will appeal to both men and women, young and old equally.  I hope that as readers it will touch your hearts, provide you with a good and intriguing tale and leave you feeling like you have been on a colorful, rich and fulfilling journey. I think that one of my greatest lessons in life comes through in this book - that life is like a good wine, providing us with the opportunities to grow and mature, allowing us to mellow with time, and truly appreciate and cherish what we have in life.
Links to the Book:
Author Website: http://www.afnclarke.com/

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