Grace, Miracles, and Chocolate - an inspiring memoir by Marriott Cole

Grace, Miracles, and Chocolate makes readers laugh, cry, and marvel at the miracles of healing, provision, and guidance within its forty-seven chapters. A toothpick miraculously shot out of my daughter's foot, a son's eye infection was healed way beyond what I ever expected, my husband's murder was foretold by God, the Lord comforted me and encouraged others to not commit suicide after the tragic death of my son, and my children enjoyed creating interesting chocolate treats for others.

Teaching tips and ideas for improving the marriage relationship are included, and there is a special comic gospel tract in the appendix which was shared with every household in Eugene, Oregon.

Readers have told me that, once started, my book was very hard to put down. Their faith was increased, and they recognized the power of prayer in their lives. Sometimes, God's answer is, "No" but He always does what is best for us in the long run.

My new husband is responsible for the completion of this book, as he graciously volunteered to be the "chief cook and bottle washer" while I concentrated on typing all the true stories that were firmly entrenched in my memory.

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